16 Februari 2009

Personality Test

Iseng2 nih personality test di Doubutsu-Uranai

  1. You are Green Lion, who reminds of a warm sunshine in the winter.
  2. Your personality is kind, modest and courteous.
  3. Although sensitiveness stands out in conversation, and in the way you talk, your crisp movements give good impression to people.
  4. You look as though you are very sociable, but you also have inflexible and obstinate side.
  5. You don't express your feelings and thoughts.
  6. You listen to others passively, but it is unlikely that you would use the ideas that came up.
  7. You stick to your ideas and won't change so easily.
  8. If you find weak points in other person's theory, you will severely attack that.
  9. You have a precise and alert personality.
  10. You will not go after things that are in fashion, and this can also be said about towards work.
  11. You have high self-esteem.
  12. You can calmly manage carring out your job, and is a person of artisan spirit.
  13. You dislike being told what to do.
  14. You will be successful working in venture company, where you can exercise some freedom.
  15. You are not good at behind the scene tactics.
  16. Your leadership may be easily taken by those who are much better at political maneuvering.
  17. You should become more confident by making your mind enriched.

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