17 April 2011


life is harsh, i knew that
enjoying every bit of pain, i've done that
lately, my mind become numb
pain, sorrow, loneliness, doubt...
stuck in the middle of nowhere
can't see any path which can lead me to a better situation
falling down seem just the only way
suicide looks so great
but i've to move forward
eventhough there is a chance that hell is waiting for me in the end
sorry angel, no matter how much u calling me
it seem that i won't be there
every time u calling me,
ur sound is disappearing,
u r getting away from my sight
this way is my journey to the end of my life
i don't care anymore is it going to heaven or hell
i'm tired of thinking anymore
coz spontaneous will make everything feel so fun

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wogh, sabar sur, sabar sur..