11 Desember 2008


br beres ntn gto movie nih... trs dgr OST na yg judulna POISON
berhubung bhs jepang jd cmn nimkatin musiknya ajah...
eh tw2 pas bagian2 ampir paling akhirnya ad translate inggrisnya...
walaupun dikit tapi keren, inspiratif klo kta gw...

"I won't be manipulated by lies and empty words... poison
I'll never turn away from what is in hearts
Even in this world where we can never say what's in our hearts... poison
I will never hide my dreams and i'll live my own life
Even in this world where we can never really live our slightest dream... poison
I will keep on going. I will keep on doing my thing
Yeah. I want to stand beside you and i want to live free
And together we will never be afraid again
But sometimes a man's got to turn around and face his fears
and sometimes a man's got to take a stand and fight"

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